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We are a Consultancy Company Specialising In Training And Development Of Individuals And Organizations.

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New Business Initiative

We are a Consultancy Company Specialising In Training And Development Of Individuals And Organizations.

New Business Initiative is a management consultancy specializing in training development of individuals and organizations. We deliver an outstanding service to our customers and we are enjoying serious growth as a leading player in our field. We are here to help you to find inspiration and new ideas as we challenge your thinking and find solutions to your business problems through breaking the traditional way of thinking and doing things. We envision a world where all people even in the most remote areas of the country hold power to create opportunities for themselves and others.

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We provide you with Quality business consultations to help you make informed decisions and scale your business.

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We assist business from small to large in gaining the best possible BEE status by following BEE guidelines and help you connect your business.

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With an emphasis on scoring higher in BEE, one may wonder what the true gains really are. One thing is clear though, businesses stand to benefit in various ways including:
  • You will be able to offer services to government and large corporates if you have a higher BEE score as an incentive.
  • It comes with favourable tax gains.
  • You stand to get more business.
The BEE scorecard is an important element in any business in South Africa. Business owners are advised to understand the scoring for their own good. This is because the higher your BEE score, the higher the chances of your business gaining from different opportunities. As already described above, the scores are given based on different weighted elements. Apart from ownership, other areas that are looked into include management, employment equity, skills development, enterprise development, preferential procurement, and socio-economic development. The new BBBEE level came into existence in 2013. Although there are slight variations, the basics remain the same. For instance, BBBEE level 1 contributor must have attained 100 points on the generic scorecard to attain a recognition level of 135%.
While generally all companies are advised to consider the BEE scores, the application differs depending on the size of the company in question. As of now, large companies and the government need to support small businesses that are BEE compliant by choosing their services over other companies. . In case you have the certification, the companies that buy from you can also claim their own BEE points by virtue of being your customers. This act applies to 3 different sized companies as described here
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